Electrical Services

Renovations/Additions – We bring all electrical elements up to code with new wiring and the most up-to-date techniques and materials. 

Service Upgrades – Whether your meter is inside or outside of your home, or you have fuses or breakers, Electrical Insights can upgrade all electrical elements to meet your needs. 

Panel / Sub Panel Installations / Upgrades – If your electrical panel is feeling a bit cramped, or you simply want to add additional circuits, replacing or installing your panel or installing an electrical sub panel can be done quickly and efficiently. 

Knob and Tube Wire Upgrades – We are able to remove or rework knob and tube systems to restore them to optimal working order and ensure they meet all electrical safety codes.  

Aluminum Wire Upgrades – Using approved wiring methods, we can upgrade any aluminum wiring ensuring that all wiring is safe and functioning properly.  

Lighting Installation / Upgrades –  Whether you are looking to upgrade the lighting in your indoor or outdoor space, Electrical Insights provides expert lighting installation.  

Surge Protection – We can help to protect your home from hazardous surges by intercepting them before they have a chance to cause damage to your electronic devices and your home.  

Repairs/ Trouble Shooting – At Electrical Insights, we are experts when it comes to finding electrical faults and providing a solution to get your electrical system running as it should and prevent future problems.  

Insurance Inspections – Electrical inspections for insurance can include a large variety of items. We will go over a checklist and provide our recommendations at the end of the inspection.