Milverton Home Inspector – Building Inspections Ontario


We offer local home inspections in Milverton. We are offer a wide variety of Inspection services. Whether it’s buying or selling your home, or even if there is a particular home issue that needs to be investigated, we got you covered. Joining our services entails that you will receive not only an unbiased inspection, but a comprehensive one as well which is supported by our professionalism and satisfaction guarantee. Regardless of the inspection type, you will receive a thorough, narrative report which can be easily accessed through an electronic format which includes digital pictures, and descriptions of specified problems.


Buying a home is an impactful decision and having all the necessary information is important. A pre-purchase inspection gives the buyer the opportunity to decide on purchasing their new home. Typically, home inspections usually take between two to three hours and your attendance is highly encouraged. It gives Building Insights the chance to tackle any major concerns head on and explain to the buyer how your new home operates, how to take care of it, and what renovations might be necessary down the road. A home inspection is the first and most important step in purchasing your new home.


Whether you are selling or buying in Milverton, a home inspection is important. A pre-listing inspection gives the seller (homeowner) a chance to identify any areas of concern prior to the sale. This information is important as it helps assess an equitable and fair market value sale price. It also gives the seller a chance to address any issues that might increase or decrease the desirability of the property. Knowing your home’s ins and outs can help with a quicker sale and remove any need for re-negotiation which might be identified by a buyer’s home inspection.

We consider that homes with pre-listing inspection reports sell much faster and smoothly than those without.

Bidding wars in markets usually means that the sellers will not consider conditional offers. Some buyers take unreasonable risks and offer up a home without inspection. Some potential buyers avoid the market as they will not buy a home without an inspection.

A reliable pre-listing inspection report brings more potential buyers to the table, which creates a better negotiating environment for both buyers and sellers. With the home’s condition disclosed to all, there are no losers and less liability for all.


With the seller’s approval, our pre-listing inspection reports are easily transferable to the buyer. Building Insights Inc. provides a walkthrough of the home with the potential buyer to explain the contents of the report. After which Building Insights, Inc. will then transfer the report into the buyer’s name and get into a contract with the buyers giving them the trust they need to proceed. The fee charged for the transfer of report is $175 and is paid for by the buyer.


A pre-offer inspection is performed prior to submitting an offer on a property in Milverton. This specific home inspection is usually done in a competitive market to give the buyer the advantage of being able to confidently remove the condition of a home inspection from their offer to make it more alluring to the selling party. Building Insights’ pre-offer home inspection services are equally as competitive and comprehensive as a post-offer home inspection as it includes the same comprehensive report. Just because the inspection occurs prior to the offer, doesn’t mean you should sacrifice the quality of the inspection. You wouldn’t purchase a car without a test drive and safety inspection, so why risk thousands of dollars by purchasing a home without a thorough inspection by a qualified professional?