Whether you are buying or selling, a home inspection is invaluable.  A pre-listing inspection allows the seller (homeowner) to identify any areas of concern prior to sale.  This information can be used to assess a fair market value sale price.  It also gives the seller the information necessary to address any issues that will increase the value or desirability of the property.  Knowing your house from top to bottom, inside out, can facilitate a quicker sale and eliminate the need for re-negotiating for items which may be identified by a buyer’s home inspection.

We understand that homes with a pre-listing inspection report sell more quickly and smoothly than
those without.

Bidding wars in hot markets sometimes mean that sellers will not consider conditional offers. Some
buyers decide to take unreasonable risks, and offer without an inspection. Some would-be buyers stay
out of the market as they will not buy without an inspection.

A credible pre-listing inspection report brings more buyers to the table, creating a better
negotiating environment for both sellers and buyers. With the home’s condition disclosed to all,
there are no losers and less liability for all.

Transferable Report

With the sellers approval, our Pre Listing inspection reports are transferable to the buyer. Building Insights Inc. offers an On-Site Review of the home with the buyer to explain the contents of the report. After which Building Insights Inc. will transfer the report into the buyer’s name and enter into a contract with the buyers, Giving them the confidence they need to move forward. The fee charged for the transfer of report is $175 and paid for by the buyer.

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So glad I went with Keith as an inspector. He basically saved me thousands of dollars and a lot of headaches by the things he found during my inspection. Very knowledgeable about all aspects of the house and explained everything in ways I would understand. I learned a lot just from listening. Highly recommend using Keith as your inspector. I will be using him before I buy any home.

- E.M.

Every request given to our home inspector was done professionally, fast and reports sent in a timely manner We asked Keith to come back two more times after original inspection and he came and appointments were booked around our schedule and he was always on time and shared all his knowledge He was not is a hurry, he spent quality time with us as new home owners I will be recommending his company to friends and family

- K., Waterloo ON

Keith you were very helpful and I appreciate all your suggestions and recommendations. The blue binder is a great source of info for me, someone who doesn’t know much about the workings of a home! Thank You again and will certainly pass your name along!

- K.B.

Keith was a pleasure to work with. He was extremely thorough and took the time to show us each area that needed to be addressed. We’d definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspection.

- D.R

Keith is very knowledgeable and extremely patient with his customers. We really appreciated Keith taking his time to explain things about the house to us and also show us how certain things work (lighting a fireplace pilot light, for example). It is a real pleasure working with Keith. You can also follow up with him if you have any questions about the house. A true professional. Thanks! Cam & Ann Gordon

- A.G.