Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging or infrared thermography is a highly effective tool used to discover anomalies and defects not visible to the eye, air leakage, missing insulation, electrical issues, hidden moisture, construction defects, etc. 

Thermal imaging uses infrared radiation to create an image unaffected by light. During a home inspection, Building Insights uses high-resolution equipment that provides an accurate assessment of the interior and exterior, and electrical and mechanical systems of a home. This non-invasive inspection offers a more accurate and thorough assessment of potential problem areas.

Thermal imaging is available as a stand-alone inspection or can be combined with other inspections services. 

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Missing Insulations

Electrical Faults

Rodent nesting

Air Leakage

Hidden moisture

Heat Loss

Conditions that allow Mould to prosper

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This old abandoned boiler was in the basement of a home where the children had been carving their names into the asbestos parging and unknowingly breathing in the hazardous fibers.
This deteriorated brick chimney will be an expensive repair and could only be observed by climbing the roof.
This plastic vent is discharging the moist air from the bathroom into the attic space where it can form condensation and cause damage. All fans are required to vent to the exterior. There is also some dangerous wiring evident at the bottom of the picture.
The electrical installation in this two year old pool house looks like a neat professional installation at first glance. However a closer look reveals that there is no ground fault protection for the lights and outlets near the pool. This is considered a shock hazard and a high priority repair.
This home was getting free natural gas for the BBQ. The quick connect fitting is located on the wrong side of the gas meter. I don't think the Gas company would have been too pleased.

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