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Some homeowners feel a bit anxious before a home inspection occurs since the findings can influence the property price and ultimately helps buyers decide if they want to continue on with the buying process.

Here are 7 ways to prepare your home before a potential buyer and inspector visits.

1) Clean inside and outside. Not only will you want to make sure the inside of the house is easy to maneuver around in by removing clutter, you will also want to make sure you clean out your gutters in the spring/fall, and remove snow from around your house in the winter.

2) Clear access to all areas of your house. Home inspectors will inspect areas of your house that may not get much use, which results in cluttered and blocked off areas. Make sure the home inspector can easily get to your electrical box, furnace, hot water heater, air condition, and attic. 

3) Make sure everything works. Go around you house and test everything! This includes light bulbs, smoke detectors, doorbells, sinks/faucets, outlets, toilets, windows, and appliances. Most of these issues are quick and easy fixes and will improve the final inspection report.

4) Fix known issues before inspection. If you’ve noticed any signs of water damage, mold, or electrical issues while living in your house, address these issues with a professional beforehand. These common issues have resulted in potential buyers walking away from a house, or re-negotiating the price, which is why it may be worth the cost to fix beforehand.

5) Take a closer look at your basement. Basements aren’t always used, so it’s important to closely inspect this area before an inspector visits. Look for leaks and cracks that may suggest foundation and water issues.

6) Make paperwork available to inspector. To give the inspector greater knowledge of your property, leave any documentation/receipts regarding recent maintenance and repairs you may have done, including information about your roof, furnace and water heater.

7) Be prepared to leave your home during inspection. While potential homeowners are encouraged to attend home inspections to learn more about the property, it is suggested that the current homeowners leave for a few hours, and take pets with them. Be mindful that home inspectors usually show up a bit early to visually assess the outside of the property before their clients arrive.

Home inspections shouldn’t be a scary thing, and a little preparation before can go a long way! Following these simple steps can help ensure your home inspection goes quickly and smoothly. 

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