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When it comes to home renovations, don’t believe everything you hear. Making your house into a home can require some work, but many blow aspects out of proportion – especially those you see in the media. While some horror stories are true and can make you nervous to tackle a home renovation project, we’ve demystified some of the tales you’ll hear.

Minor Renovations Don’t Need Permits
If you’re looking to mainly do cosmetic renovations to your home, chances are you won’t need a permit. If it’s more intense than that however, you may need one so it’s a good idea to check before starting. Better to be safe than sorry!

Buying Your Own Materials Saves You Money
This may be the case if you’re doing the home renovations yourself. If you’re hiring a contractor though, they may have already built a relationship with a supplier which could save you some money.

Environmentally-Friendly Renovations Aren’t Cheap
Despite the fact that some ‘green’ materials may cost more upfront, they can end up saving you some serious cash in the long run. There are also rebates you can take advantage of those offered by the Green Ontario Fund.

Projects Always Run Over-Budget
Not the case at all! While it’s good to have a buffer in case any unforeseen costs occur, the majority of projects end up on or under budget. Don’t believe what you see on TV, that’s just for the drama factor!

If It Isn’t Broken, Don’t Fix It
Even if there’s nothing actually broken, updating a room or space can really add value to your home. Not only that but you’re living there now, why not make it the best you can be so you can enjoy it?

Renovations Are A Hassle
Many people believe they’re noisy and messy, but this doesn’t have to be the case! Adding a protective layer of plastic around doors to the renovation area can help reduce noise. Protective doormats at entrances can also help stop dust and dirt from being tracked around your home.

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