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Home Inspection Milton


We provide a range of home Inspection services in Milton whether you are buying or selling a home. Our services provide a detailed inspection supported by a qualified Inspector and our satisfaction guarantee. After the inspection, you will be given an in-depth report in an electronic format, including pictures of any defects and safety issues discovered.


When making a major decision such as buying a home in Milton, being informed about your potential new home, can ensure that your investment is a smart one. A pre-purchase home inspection allows Building Insights Inc to pinpoint any issues throughout the property, how to look after the home, and what improvements you may need to make in the future. A home inspection can take between two to three hours and your presence as a client is encouraged.


Whether you are buying or selling a home an inspection makes sense. A pre-listing inspection ensures the seller (homeowner) can address any areas of concern before selling, determine anything that could increase the value of the property, and assess fair market value. Being well informed about your property can enable a quicker sale and eliminate the need for re-negotiating after a home buyer’s inspection.

Homes with a pre-listing inspection report sell much quicker and with less effort than those without. A credible pre-listing inspection report generates more buyers, creating better
negotiating circumstances for both sellers and buyers. With the home’s condition revealed to all, there is less liability for all parties.

Transferable Report

With the seller’s approval, our Pre-Listing inspection reports are available for the buyer to view. With the buyer, Building Insights Inc will tour throughout the property and explain the report to the buyer. Then, Building Insights Inc will turn over the report into the buyer’s name and enter a contract with the buyer. The fee charged for the transfer of report is $175 and paid for by the buyer.


A pre-offer inspection is conducted prior to submitting an offer on a property. Building Insights’ pre-offer home inspection services are equally as attentive and detailed as a post-offer home inspection and it includes the same all-inclusive report. Instead of risking thousands of dollars by purchasing a home without a thorough inspection, choose to be well informed about your new homes’ condition prior to making an offer.

Included with all our Milton Inspection Services:

  • A highly trained and qualified Inspector
  • A Comprehensive, Computerized Report
  • Executive Summary
  • Home Wizard – Home Maintenance App
  • Lifetime Homeowner Advisory Service
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

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