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How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

Most of the things you might hear or read about home inspections are written about the buyer’s experience or point of view. But what about the sellers? What do sellers need to know about the home inspection process? As a seller, it is important to present your home at its best when
undergoing a home inspection. While there are some rather obvious or straightforward things a seller should do to prepare their home for an inspection such as making sure it is tidy and clean, there are some other things to consider in the weeks and days leading up to a home inspection.

How Should I Prepare My Home for a Home Inspection? What Should I Clean before a Home Inspection?

Check Systems are in Working Order – Ensure that the heating and cooling, electrical, plumbing, security, and any other systems in the home are working correctly and efficiently. You might also consider having your furnace, hot water tank, or air conditioning system evaluated.
Check Doors & Windows – Check all your doors and windows to make sure they open and close
properly and that all locks, latches, and doorknobs are functional.

Repair Damage – If there is any existing damage to the roof, flooring, drywall, or ceilings, it is a good idea to repair those prior to the home inspection.

Outdoor Maintenance – In the days leading up to the home inspection, take the time to trim any trees or bushes that may have become overgrown or potentially affect the roof or foundation of the house.

Clean & Tidy Up – On the day of (or the day before) it is a good idea to give your home a good clean and tidy, making sure the inspector can access all areas of the home. Remove or relocate any furniture that may be blocking access to doors, windows, or functioning systems within the home. It is especially important to ensure that the home inspector has access to:

-Main water line
-Hot water tank
-Attic hatch
-Electrical panel
-Air exchanger

Assemble Documents – If you have any documents related to the maintenance of your home such as warranties, reports of yearly checkups of your furnace or other systems, or invoices for repairs, gather them (or copies of them) together to leave out for the home inspector and buyer to review.

Should the Seller be Present for the Home Inspection?

In most cases, it is a good idea for the seller to make plans to vacate the premises for a home inspection. You should plan to be out of the house for at least 3 hours on the day of the inspection. You will also need to make arrangements to relocate any household pets for the duration of the inspection.

Do Home Inspectors Move Things?

Large pieces of furniture such as couches, beds, tables, and chairs won’t be moved during a home inspection. If the buyer has an area of concern that is covered or blocked by furniture that they want the inspector to evaluate, they must communicate to the seller before the home inspection date so that the seller may ensure access. Home inspectors will also not lift floorboards or carpets or damage drywall so they will not be able to inspect anything under the floor or within the walls.

Honesty is Always the Best Policy

If you are aware of issues within your home, it is best to be honest, and upfront with the buyer and the home inspector. Odds are, the home inspector will find it anyway and dishonesty will not help your relationships with the buyer or agents nor will it help you sell your home.

Covid 19 Measures

There are some additional measures you may want to consider as we navigate our way through the Covid 19 pandemic. Take some time to disinfect all your light switches, doorknobs, taps, and other ‘high touch’ areas prior to the inspection. It is also important to have all residents of the home vacate the premises so that the buyer and the home inspector can maintain physical
distancing and other protective protocols. If you or someone in your household is ill or quarantining related to travel or exposure to the Covid 19 virus, please reschedule your home inspection.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, finding a high-quality, reputable home inspector is very important. Contact us today to learn more about Building Insights, our 100% satisfaction guarantee, or how we can help you with the sale or purchase of a home.

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