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When you’re looking to update your home, the kitchen is always top on the list. It’s one of the most used rooms of the house, acting as a place of gathering, comfort and celebration. Needless to say it can start to look worn out pretty quickly. So when you’re thinking about an update, it usually goes one of two ways; a facelift or a full remodel. What’s the difference you ask? Well let’s explore a little further:


If you love the layout of your existing space then a facelift is your best option for updating the room. What that usually entails is modifying existing cabinets with new hardware and materials, adding new cabinets to make the space more functional, as well as repairing worn out sections of existing cabinetry.


A remodel can range anywhere from adding simple storage and cabinets for more function to a complete gutting and overhaul to change the layout of your kitchen into something that works specifically for your needs. This could involve taking down walls, adding new windows, designing new cabinetry or adding in an island. This is obviously the more costly of the two options but it guarantees that you end up with a space designed exactly with you in mind.

Whichever option you go with make sure that it is right for you, your budget and your home!

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