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Owning a home includes an expensive, never-ending list of things to repair or enhance.  Unfortunately, many of your home’s core systems may end up needing replacement too. It’s important to be financially ready to replace them when the time comes.

Your home’s air conditioning and furnace are two of the most expensive items to consider. Fortunately, they are also two of the longest-lasting items in your home. An average air conditioner should last 15 to 20 years, if properly maintained by having regular filter changes and seasonal servicing. Furnaces have a similar lifespan, with higher quality ones having a greater likelihood of lasting the full two decades. HRV systems also have a similar lifespan.

Though they take on more daily wear and tear, your roof’s shingles last far longer.  The most common type – asphalt – can last between two and four decades, even though their warranties may not be that long. Fiberglass shingles can last more than five decades. Steel shingles are becoming more common in our area, and though the cost is much more, they should last at least 50 years. Even less common, clay shingles can last up to 60 years, and concrete tiles can last up to a century.

Whether you use your garage for cars or as a workshop, their doors often need replacement after 20 or 25 years, and although it might depend on how many times you use it, a motorized garage door opener might only last 10 to 15 years. 

Unfortunately, this is only a partial list and there will be many other things that need replacement over time. A home inspector can help you identify before you purchase your home what systems might need replacing shortly after you take possession of your new home.

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