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When the snow needs clearing, you get out the electric snowblower and get the job done! Unfortunately, one of the dangers of electrical devices is is mixing damp conditions and electricity. If you plan on using electrical equipment while you work outside, it is important that your equipment is plugged in to a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). A GFCI monitors the flow of electricity in a circuit. If there is an irregularity, even a very small one, the flow of electricity is shut off, preventing an electric shock. 

Since ground fault circuit protection was adopted in Canada over 40 years ago, the number of people dying annually from electrocution has been steadily reduced from over 800 to less than 200, and much electrical equipment and other infrastructure has been saved from damage. For this reason by federal electrical code, all outdoor receptacles must be GFCI. Be sure to test your GFCI plugs regularly with the “test” button. When they trip, you can use the “reset” button to reset the protection.

Don’t know if you have the proper GFCI plugs protecting you and your home? Book an inspection with us today and be sure!

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