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Homeowners will receive a comprehensive and thorough post-inspection report after every property inspection completed by the Building Insights team. Every home is unique; therefore, every report will be different! To give you an idea of what our inspection report will contain, we’ve outlined what a typical report looks like.


The first few pages of your inspection report will have information regarding the property, including your name and property address, as well as a table of contents to direct you through the report. A standard pre-inspection agreement will follow, which outlines the purpose of the inspection, legal information and what is included in the inspection. You will also be able to see your invoice in this section, which outlines the inspection date, customer/property information, cost of services and payment information.

The next page will outline key terms and definitions which will be used throughout the report. A short description of the property and the day of inspection weather conditions will be summarized.

Exterior Components

The next few pages will be dedicated to the findings of the property’s exterior, including windows, gutters, drainage, decks, porches, walkways, and retaining walls. Each section and feature will be rated acceptable, marginal, not inspected, not present or repair/replace. Information about the condition of the roof and flat roof areas will follow. Pictures and comments of the findings, especially areas of concerns, will be presented.

Internal Components

The next few pages will summarize structural components of the property, including foundation, framing and support, floor, attic space, cold room and crawlspace. From there, we will outline electrical information, plumbing and heating/ventilation. Pictures and comments of the findings will again be presented, and important dates of equipment and lifespan of equipment will be noted.


The last section of the report will discuss the condition of the inside of the property, including floors, steps, windows, appliances, sinks, and insulation.


Your report will conclude with a written summary of all of the findings and recommendations going forward. The summary is not the entire report, so it recommended that clients read the complete report for full understanding of issues.

After completing a home inspection with Building Insights, your report will be available to you in HTML or PDF format, and can be easily downloaded, forwarded or printed and remains accessible for five years through our website. To view a sample report for yourself, check out: https://www.homegauge.com/report/6372270/StandardReportFormat%28Upload%29.html.

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