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Thermography or Thermal Imaging is a revolutionary tool for use in home inspections. It can detect various problems such as moisture behind a wall, air leakage related to missing or damaged insulation, problems with HVAC or electrical systems, problems with seals in windows, structural issues like missing studs or thermal bridging and even find pests or rodents. Our thermal imaging camera operates by detecting variations in thermal infrared energy.

All objects emit some form of thermal energy or infrared heat. When using a thermal imaging camera, it is the differences in infrared heat coming from surfaces that help us determine problems. The camera itself does not highlight specific problems, it instead shows a gradient of infrared heat from “cool” to “warm.” It is up to the trained eye of the operator to be able to know how to interpret the infrared map on the camera screen. When combined with the knowledge of building structures a camera operator can pinpoint an amazing array of problems invisible to the naked eye.

It takes more than a thermal imaging camera to be able to properly identify issues with a structure – it takes years of experience and knowledge of building problems, knowing how heat escapes and moves through building materials to properly make use of the technology of thermal imaging. Don’t trust just anyone with a camera! Trust the experience and home inspection certification of Building Insights to help you inspect your building with thermal imaging!

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