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Now that summer is here, many of us have the urge to make some changes. Whether it is the bright sunshine or the longer days, we all get the motivation to spruce up our lives. While home renovations can seem daunting, they do not have to be. Take a look at these 6 ideas to revamp your home that you and your bank account will love.

Add a Doormat
An easy way to spruce up the entrance to your home is a doormat. Whether you opt for one before you enter or just as you step foot in the door is up to you. Inside it also serves as a protector of hardwood flooring!

Upgrade Your Mailbox
Who said your mailbox had to only be for letters and flyers? Use your mailbox to add a pop of colour to your home’s façade. Opting for an ornate mailbox can add a touch of elegance to the front of your house. 

Get Creative with Your Shelving
Who says you have to use a standalone shelving unit? Try adding some wall-mount shelves instead of a bookcase. It will free up some floor space while making the room look larger. This is also a great option to help de-clutter a countertop in areas like your kitchen.

Add Some Mood Lighting
Ditch the traditional on/off light switch for a dimmer in rooms like your dining room or family room. This can add some extra mood lighting for a romantic dinner or help create a theatre experience when watching a movie with your family.

Wallpaper a Door
Do you have some wallpaper left from an older renovation? Put it to use! Cut it to size and paste it over door panels to add some extra flair to a room. 

Closet? How About a Home Office?
Time to lose the hanging rods! Fit the space with a large shelf to use as a desk. Then all you need is a chair and a table lamp. You can add some shelving above as well for more storage space. Want to divide the office from your home? An accordion style door is a great way to hide your business when you want to focus on pleasure.

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