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Bed bugs are making a comeback and it’s important to know what they are, how to spot them and how to get rid of them.

Bed bugs are small reddish insects with a flat oval shaped body, whose eggs are white in colour and are about the size of a pin head. They can live several weeks and up to a year without feeding so it’s important, once they are spotted, to be dealt with immediately.

Bed bugs like to lay their eggs in crevices or small cracks in wooden floor boards, picture frames, electrical outlets, etc. They also love to hide out in small spaces like inside mattress pads, night tables and in-between furniture fabric. They feed on blood, human or animal and are most active at night. Bites commonly result in small red welts on the body, usually in a line of 3.

Once bed bugs are seen, they need to be dealt with before spreading further. Bites usually go away on their own. For any areas where you’ve seen the bugs or their shells, vacuum all fabrics/furniture, wash any clothing or sheets in hot water, discard any furniture where the infestation is heavy. If the infestation does not go away with these non-chemical methods it is best to hire a licensed pest control company who has the experience and knowledge to properly address the problem.

Bed bugs are certainly annoying but they can be easily dealt with and prevented from occurring again through regular cleaning and washing.

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