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Thermal imaging is a very useful tool used during in-home inspections. It can help to identify and locate hidden moisture, often behind drywall, or other places that a homeowner may not think to look. Building Insights uses a high resolution thermal camera to map images of the surface temperature of walls and ceilings in order to identify where these problem areas may be. The cause of variations in surface temperatures is often trapped moisture. Additionally, we incorporate the use of a moisture meter to confirm whether the issue is moisture related.

Water can be one of the most damaging issues in a home, as it can lead to mould growth, structural problems and more. Detecting water damage as early as possible is imperative in containing these issues. Our thermal cameras can produce images that aide in a more in-depth diagnostic look behind the drywall of your home, or a home you may be looking to purchase.

This process is also useful in detecting problems in addition to water damage, such as air leakage, missing insulation, electrical issues, construction defects, etc. 

At Building Insights, thermal imaging is available as a stand-alone inspection or can be combined with other inspection services. We can help you feel confident knowing that what is behind your walls is safe. Contact us today to book a home inspection, or a thermal imaging inspection.

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