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A well-lit home is important, whether you plan to sell, or just want to live comfortably in your spaces. There are many options to choose from when it comes to lighting, so which are the best?

The simple answer is – a variety of light sources! 

Whether it’s recessed lighting, pendant lights, under-cabinet mounted lighting, table lamps, or wall sconces, the important thing is that they all work together to brighten your living spaces and accentuate your home’s features.

Ensure that busy rooms, such as the kitchen, have more than one light source. Few things are more frustrating than trying to prepare meals in a dimly lit kitchen. You can combine recessed lighting with pendant lighting over an island, as well as under-cabinet mounted lights, and even bright lighting in a range hood. 

Don’t overlook natural light! Consider window coverings that diffuse light, but still brighten up the space. Added bonus – When you can control the amount of natural light, you’ll often save on your energy bill! If you live in the cold climate, opening your blinds on a sunny day can help heat your home, and keeping blinds closed during the summer can help keep your home cool. Just be cautious, as UV rays can damage and discolour materials and fabrics such as floors and sofas. 

Whatever you choose for lighting, be sure you look into using energy efficient bulbs, or check out the newest trend in lighting  – Smart Bulbs, which you can control using a tablet or smartphone.

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