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With spring arriving and nature waking up you’ll want to make sure you keep these common pests from coming indoors! Here’s some tips on keeping them outside!

Carpenter Ants
With rising temperatures, carpenter ants come out and forage for new locations. These ants can be seen inside and outside of your home. They may be coming from an outside nest and may have already made a colony in the walls of your home. They can create tunnels in wood that may damage the structure of your home.

Pavement Ants
Pavement ants are found outside in the soil, but can also enter your home to find food. Their colonies can get extremely large.

Bees and Wasps
You may be seeing a wasp, hornet or yellow jacket queen bee that may have stayed in your wall voids and attics during winter. Once they wake up, they will look for a place where they can lay eggs and establish their colonies. Do not let these insects stay in your home.

Spiders are commonly found in basements, garages, porches and other sheltered places. They usually come out to search for food and other insects. Their presence in your home is an indication that you have insects at home. Look for cracks in windows and foundations where they might be getting in.

It seems like any time a door opens, these pesky insects find a way to get inside. The only solution you might have for them is to keep the doors always close. Houseflies have a short life span and will die off quickly unless food is left out for them to lay eggs in.

To control a potential flea infestation this spring, it is necessary to take care of the family pets. Give them their regular bath and treatments. It is also possible for pet-free homes to get an outbreak of fleas as a result of fleas coming from an outside wildlife. To get rid of fleas, use even your basic household cleaning tools like vacuming rugs where eggs lie and conduct proper sanitation. This can go a long way to limiting the potential outbreak of fleas.

Rats and Mice
Rodents are not just a problem every spring since they can be an all-year nuisance. From the house mouse to the black rat, these pests are often found to be the worst type of pests in homes. To stop them from entering our homes, better search out their entry and block any potential entry points. Areas such as ill-fitting doors, vents, roof gaps, and pipes travelling through wall spaces are a potential entry way for these pests. Make sure that all sources of food are kept and stored in tight containers. Also, store woodpiles or similar items away from your home.

All pests feed on almost anything we eat, so be certain that:

• Your food is always cleaned and cleared away.
• You keep food in the refrigerator or in a tightly sealed container.
• Food scraps are also cleared from floors or countertops.

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