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With online shopping becoming a more import part of how we get items we need during the pandemic, package theft also becomes a bigger concern. Most package theft is crime of opportunity so with a few handy tricks you can deter those pesky thieves from walking away with your family goods. 

Neighbourhood Monitoring
Work with your neighbours to watch for suspicious activity. Cars going back and forth up and down the street might be an indicator that somebody is looking for a quick grab. It’s a good time for your neighbors to be diligent watching for strangers in the neighborhood.
Using Smart Home Devices
Fortunately, the proliferation of smart home devices means you can now monitor deliveries from your phone. Video connected doorbells work in much the same way as traditional security cameras. Video doorbells have high-definition resolution, live video feed, motion alerts and more to help you keep an eye your porch with the help of motion alerts. Some cameras can even differentiate between people, animals, cars and packages. You can also look back at your video footage with cloud based video services to help neighbors and law enforcement (if necessary) identify who snagged your deliveries.
For a less permanent option, consider a battery-powered security camera. Weatherproof cams can withstand the elements, but they are much more mobile. Use one inside to keep an eye on your pet one day and move it outside when you’re expecting a package delivery the next.  
Step up your porch protection with integrated porch light-security cameras. These emerging smart home security devices combine smart lighting with smart video monitoring. With these devices, you can watch a live video feed, receive motion alerts and even talk to people via two-way audio intercoms. Some cams even have sirens, so you can scare someone away when needed.

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